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Pi Day 2015 – Press Democrat articlePress Demo Pi Day (PDF)

Pi Day Project

Choose from the following to complete by March 13.  Everyone must earn at least 10 points, with extra credit possible up to a total of 10 points.

1) Recite the digits of pi to at least 20 places (5 points).  Receive five additional points for reciting an additional 20 digits of pi.

2) Write a Pi-ku poem: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables (5 points).

Unending digits

Why not keep it simple, like

Twenty-two sevenths


3) Make a Pi day greeting card. (5 points)

4) Solve the pi problem of the day.  Write a complete explanation with illustrations on poster paper. (5 points)

Which is the better buy, an 8 inch pizza for $3.50 or a 14 inch pizza for $10?  Why?  (The size refers to its diameter.)

5) Write a sentence of a poem in which each word contains the same number of letters as the digits of pi. (5 points)

6) Write a 300 word essay about how “Mathematics is everyone.”  (10 points)

7) Make a timeline of the most important even of Albert Einstein in honor of his birthday. (10 points)

8) Research the history and make a timeline or write a report to highlight the important discoveries related to pi. (10 points)

9) Make a pi paper chain or string beads where each digit is presented by a different color. (5 points for every 25 digits)

Pi Day Project


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