Emergency Sub Plan

[expand title=”Day 1-2 – Flatland Movie and worksheet”]

  • Flatland movie.
    • It is already in the DVD player (on my desk below the TV).
    • The remotes are on top of the DVD Player.
    • Power on TV and check that it is on Video 1.
      • The remote is old and you have to hold it close to the TV to get it to work.
    • Hand out Flatland Worksheet (on round table)
      • Students must answer some of the prompts while watching.
      • Page 2 is homework.
  • Finish movie the second day.
  • When the movie is complete, give students the first worksheet.
    • Worksheets are on the round table at the back of the room.
      • They are numbered in the order they should be handed out
      • The Grade 7 handouts are for periods 1, 2, 3, & 5.
      • Algebra handouts are for period 4.
    • They must be working on it in class and it is to be finished for homework.

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Flatland questions


[expand title=”Day 3-5″]

  • Give students the successive handout each day.
    • They are to be working on them in class and finishing (both sides) by the next day.
    • I usually stamp their homework at the beginning of class the next day.
      • The stamp is located either on my desk or on the projector cart (students know what it looks like).