Welcome Students and Parents!

This site is dedicated to providing an online resource for parents and students alike. Course outlines and materials are provided in order to help all students stay informed and engaged in learning.


 Students are required to follow all of the rules and guidelines defined by the school, such as:
  • Students must treat each other and their teachers with mutual respect – including taking turns when speaking and listening when others are talking.
  • Hazing, teasing, name-calling, sexism, or racism is not allowed.
  • Vandalism, profanity, and violence is not tolerated.
  • Gum is not allowed.
  • With the class structured around collaboration and group work, communication and participation are key to success.
  • Students will develop and use high level communication to discuss and learn mathematics.
  • Learning cannot take place without daily participation.

Students will work with their peers in class as they explore new concepts and develop new skills. They will rely on their peers just as their peers will rely on them, so not participating hurts everyone.

Text Book

    Santa Rosa City schools has adopted College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) as their primary text for grades 7-9, with the hopes of expanding to all grades in the future. This is a well designed series of books that have been in use and revision for over a decade now and provide a comprehensive and rigorous approach to mathematics. Every student will receive a textbook which is an invaluable resource for students and parents alike! In addition, the content of this class will be compiled from a wide range of sources. I believe this gives a student more diversity in their learning by not locking them into a single source.