Back to School Night

Mr. Paine – Room 6 – Grade 7 Math & Algebra 1

What is this class like for my child?

  • Group based learning
    • Students work together, develop mathematical discourse, reason, analyze, and demonstrate understanding
    • Small groups make it safe to make mistakes!
    • Just in time teaching model to promote problem solving and exploration
  • Textbook and materials
    • College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM)
    • Mix of supplemental materials to support diverse learning
  • Concept Mastery Assessment
    • Weekly concept quizzes – 6 opportunities to demonstrate mastery of each concept
    • Check their Concept Check list!

How to support your child?

  • Homework is for students (not parents)
    • They are actively engaged with the content – when parents are frustrated, students become frustrated.
    • Encourage students to write down what they know, find resources, try!
    • After school tutoring will be available (will announce to classes when it starts).
  • Student Portal and Class Dojo!
    • Have you registered yet?
    • Check in weekly. Don’t wait until right before grades are due.
  • Encourage good study habits
    • Do you check their planners?
    • Do they have an organized binder?
    • Is their math book at home (and covered)?
  • Support SRMS
    • Review rules in planners (Dress Code!!!).
    • Work together to support positive behavior and habits that will lead to success.