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Mr. Paine – Room 6 – Grade 7 Math

What is this class like for my child?

  • Group based learning
    • Mon-Wed Students work in random groups on WHITEBOARDS (10-20min)
    • Then, whole class discussion, notes, and summary
    • Thursday is whole class concept summary
    • Friday is concept quiz day and Prodigy
  • Weekly Concept Quizzes
    • 4 (3 second semester) opportunities to demonstrate mastery of each concept
    • Keep top 2 scores

How to support your child?

  • Class Dojo (See Google Classroom for invite if you have not signed up!)
  • Homework support
    • Check Google Classroom
  • Aries Student Portal and Parent Portal

Mr. Paine – Room 6 – Math 1

  • Lecture / Group based / Discussion learning
    • Model teaching/learning style of high school classes To best prepare them for transition
    • 2/3 time spent on lesson and 1/3 time to start assignment daily
  • Textbook and materials
    • Big Ideas Mathematics – Math 1
  • Closed Testing environment (but… they have a practice test AND we review every test!

How to support your child?

  • This is a rigorous course!
    • Follows SRHS syllabus and methodology
    • Expectation is that they will do their part in the learning!
  • Homework support
    • Google Classroom – Assignment most days
    • Assignments are for reinforcing learning!
  • Aries Student Portal and Parent Portal
  • Optional: It would be a great time to invest in a good calculator for them (TI-84+ or better)