Egg Drop Challenge


Students will design and construct a container of restricted size, which will keep as
many eggs as possible from breaking after a fall from a height (determined by teachers). The package should be designed in a way to maximize BOTH the number
of total eggs in the package and the percentage of eggs which survive the impact of the
collision with the ground. Commercial containers are allowed. Project must be the
original work of the student(s). Judges may ask questions for verification.

• Large, fresh, raw, white, chicken eggs
• Only paper tape or masking tape (non-reinforced of any width) can be used

• “Treated” or hard-boiled eggs; rotten eggs
• Small or medium eggs
• Duct tape, “Scotch-type” tape (Including on the package and on the individual
• Staples
• Aerodynamic devices or parachutes

The container may not contain any substance that will splatter including peanut butter,
jell-o, liquids, fruits or vegetables, powdered soap, flammable
substances of any kind or glass.


Students must complete a group write up containing the following information:

  • Materials used with explanation.
  • Number of eggs and reason.
  • Brief description of device
  • Diagram with cross section showing materials (labeled).

Egg Drop Lab Report