Can you imagine a tower built out of one million pennies?  How tall would it be?  In this lesson, you will work with your team to predict just how tall such a tower would be.  To make sense of this question, you will measure some pennies and investigate the relationship between the height of a tower of pennies and the number of pennies in that tower.  This is an example of a special relationship called a proportional relationship, which you will learn more about later in this course. How tall would a tower of a million pennies be? Would it be taller than your school building?  Would it be taller than Mount Everest?  Discuss these questions with your team and make a prediction. 

1-25. TINY TOWERS To begin to investigate this question, start by collecting data.  Parts (a) and (b) will lead you through the data-collection process.

  • How many pennies does it take to build a tower that is one centimeter tall?  Use the tools provided by your teacher to answer this question.
  • On your own paper, create a table like the one at right.  Work with your team to complete the missing information.  Be prepared to explain your reasoning to the class.
  • How tall would ONE Million pennies be?

Assignment: 1.1.4 Homework

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