Concept 3 – Scale Factor

Week 10 – Working with Scale

  1. How many feet does each unit of the grid represent?
  2. Use the drawing and scale to find:
    1. Length of a TYPICAL lawn: _________
    2. Width of a TYPICAL lawn: _________
    3. Area of a TYPICAL lawn: _________
  3. In the grid space above, draw the outline of the BIGGER lawn.
  4. Use your drawing to find:
    1. Length of the BIGGER lawn: _________
    2. Width of the BIGGER lawn: _________
    3. Area of the BIGGER lawn: __________
  5. When the length and width double, does the area double as well?
  6. How many TYPICAL lawns fit inside the BIGGER lawn? How many times bigger is the area?
  7. Is it a better deal to be paid 3 times the amount for the bigger lawn?
Mowing Lawns - Handout



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