Solving real-world problems involving percent

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  • Glencoe 5-8 Percent of change
    • Finding percent change
    • Selling price
    • Sale price
    • Assignment: P. 288 (7-29 odd)


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  • Glencoe:5-9 Simple Interest
    • I=prt
    • Find simple interest
    • Find total amount
    • Find interest rate
    • Assignment: P. 292 (7-21 all)


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Exercise 1:

A bag of candy contains 300 pieces of which 28% are red. How many pieces are red?

  • Which quantity represents the whole?


  • Which of the terms in the percent equation is unknown? Define a letter (variable) to represent the unknown quantity.


  • Write an expression using the percent and the whole to represent the number of pieces of red candy.


  • Write and solve a proportion to find the unknown quantity.




Exercise 2: Comparing Quantities with Percent

The members of a club are making friendship bracelets to sell to raise money. Anna and Emily made 54 bracelets over the weekend. They need to produce 300 bracelets by the end of the week. What percent of the bracelets were they able to produce over the weekend?



Anna produced 32 bracelets of the 54 bracelets produced by Emily and Anna over the weekend. Compare the number of bracelets that Emily produced as a percent of those that Anna produced.

Solve using division:



Solve using a proportion:



Exercise 3: Percent Decrease
Ken said that he is going to reduce the number of calories that he eats during the day. Ken’s trainer asked him to start off small and reduce the number of calories by no more than 7%. Ken estimated and consumed 2,200 calories per day instead of his normal 2,500 calories per day until his next visit with the trainer. Did Ken reduce his calorie intake by 7%? Justify your answer.




The sports booster club sold candles as a fundraiser to support the new team. The club earns a commission on its candle sales (which means it receives a certain percentage of the total dollar amount sold). If the club gets to keep 30% of the money from the candle sales, what would the club’s total sales have to be in order to make at least $500?





Assignment: PH Workbook 6-8 and 6-9