Understanding and Working with Rational Numbers

Operations with Rational Numbers

Glencoe: Chapter 2 Study Guide and Review

  • Review vocabulary (1-10)


Glencoe: 135-137 (1-47 Odd)


Writing, Evaluating, and Finding Equivalent Expressions with Rational Numbers



Solving equations containing rational numbers using algebra

Glencoe: 2-7 Ex 1-5


Glencoe: 2-7 (1-33)

Working with rational numbers

Example 1: How much is the family vacation?


Scenario 1
During one rainy day on the vacation, the entire family decided to go watch a matinee movie in the morning and a drive-in movie in the evening. The price for a matinee movie in the morning is different than the cost of a drive-in movie in the evening. The tickets for the matinee morning movie cost $6 each. How much did each person spend that day on movie tickets if the ticket cost for each family member was the same? What was the cost for a ticket for the drive-in movie in the evening?




Scenario 2
For dinner one night, the family went to the local pizza parlor. The cost of a soda was $3. If each member of the family had a soda and one slice of pizza, how much did one slice of pizza cost?’




Scenario 3
One night, John, Louie and Bonnie went to the see the local baseball team play a game. They each bought a ticket to see the game and a hat that cost $10 each. How much was each ticket to enter the ballpark?



Scenario 4
While John, Louie and Bonnie went to see the baseball game, Ag and Missy went shopping. They bought a t-shirt for each member of the family and bought two pairs of sandals that cost $10 each. How much was each T-shirt?




Using the results, determine the cost of:
1. A slice of pizza, 1 plane ticket, 2 nights in the motel, and 1 evening movie
2. One t-shirt, 1 ticket to the baseball game, 1 day of the rental car



Family Vacation


Problem Set
1. A taxi cab in Myrtle Beach charges $2 per mile and $1 for every person. If a taxi cab ride for two people costs $12,
how far did the taxi cab travel?
2. Heather works as a waitress at her family’s restaurant. She works 2 hr. every morning during the breakfast shift and
the same number of hours every evening during the dinner shift. In the last four days she worked 28 hr. How many
hours did she work during each dinner shift?
3. Jillian exercises 5 times a week. She runs 3 mi. each morning and bikes in the evening. If she exercises a total of 30
miles for the week, how many miles does she bike each evening?
4. Marc eats an egg sandwich for breakfast and a big burger for lunch every day. The egg sandwich has 250 cal. If
Marc has 5,250 cal. for breakfast and lunch for the week in total, how many calories are in one big burger?
5.Jackie won tickets playing the bowling game at the local arcade. The first time, she won 60 tickets. The second
time she won a bonus, which was 4 times the number of tickets of the original second prize. All together she won 200 tickets. How many tickets was the original second prize?





The Sweetest Chocolate Milk

Jenny was mixing herself a glass of chocolate milk.  “You certainly have enough chocolate syrup in the glass,” remarked Kevin.  Kevin then found a glass of milk of his own to drink.

“Only a third of a glass of syrup,” said Jenny.  “And you’re certainly taking your share.”

“I only have one-fourth of a glass,” estimated Kevin.

“But Kevin, your glass holds twice as much!”

“Tell you what,” said Kevin, after they both had mixed milk and syrup in their glasses.  “Let’s combine our drinks in a larger pitcher, and then split the whole amount.”

While Jenny is trying to decide whether or not this arrangement is to her advantage, can you say what part of the combined mixture would be syrup?





Use pictures, numbers, and/or words to show your solution strategy.  (Note:  By “her advantage” we mean the sweetest chocolate milk.)


“To answer this problem, I tried __________________________________________”

(3 sentences max)