Introduction and Review

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Classmate Bingo

My Math Window 

  • Have the students create their own math windows.
  • Give the students construction paper that has been divided into 9 squares.
  • Have each student write their name on the center square.
  • At the top of each of the remaining boxes, have the students put down numbers that mean something to them (birthday, address, telephone number, number of siblings, jersey number, etc.) and then draw an illustration below those numbers to show what they represent.
  • After everyone is finished, have the class present their math windows to the class.
  • Display them around the room.

What’s My Number

  • Write different numbers on index cards. Make sure you have enough for each student.
  • Have all of the students face the same direction and tape these numbered index cards to their backs.
  • It will be the students’ jobs to figure out what number they have on their back by asking questions of their classmates.
  • The students must introduce themselves and then ask their classmates yes and no questions about their numbers.
    • For example, they might ask if the number is even, if it is greater or lesser than a specific number, or if it has two digits.
    • They can only ask the same person three questions. Once they reach that three-question limit the students must move on to another classmate if they still haven’t figured out the answer.
  • Have the students arrange themselves once they have figured out their number




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6th Grade Review Jeopardy

6th Grade Review Jeopardy – Answers

Fraction operations Jeopardy

8th Grade Review Jeopardy

8th Graders Know Everything – Answers


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Order of Operations

PEMDAS Foldable and Graphic Organizer

Order of Operations Dice Game

IM – Why do we need Order of Operations

GEMS order of operations

Fraction operations

Fraction Operations Foldable


Converting Fractions and Decimals

Graphing Coordinates

Khan Academy

  • Khan Academy exercise



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Writing equation for a line

Writing Linear Equations from Graphs

Writing Linear Equations – Mixed