Two Graphing Stories

Essential Question: What does the intersection point of two graphs mean?


Warm up

S S.21 Example 1 (Individual Work)

Consider the story:

Maya and Earl live at opposite ends of the hallway in their apartment building. Their doors are 50 feet apart. They each start at their door and walk at a steady pace towards each other and stop when they meet.
What would their graphing stories look like if we put them on the same graph? When the two people meet in the hallway, what would be happening on the graph? Sketch a graph that shows their* distance from Maya’s door. * (There should be two lines on your graph)


S S.21 Example 2 (Group Work)


S S.22 Example 3 (Partner Work)

Consider the story:

Duke starts at the base of a ramp and walks up it at a constant rate. His elevation increases by three feet every second. Just as Duke starts walking up the ramp, Shirley starts at the top of the same 25 foot high ramp and begins walking down the ramp at a constant rate. Her elevation decreases two feet every second. 








S S.23-25